How to upload images?

2011-10-11 10:02:36
First of all, you must register. Than log in and in "User menu" you will see category "Manage albums". Push it and than push button "New album". Write album name and fill other fields if it is necessary. Push button "Create and upload photos". Now will open a new window and you will see button "Browse". Push it and select your photos from your computer. At one time, you can select and upload 15 photos. After you do it, photos will appear on site (there is no photo preview during image upload). Thats all. If you have any problems, please fill feedback form
2012-07-31 13:36:42
You also can upload photos from your facebook albums.

1. Login with facebook account. Go in page, press facebook button. If you have created your account before, you can map your old account with facebook account, if not, create new one.

2. After you login, go to and in the bottom you will see "Facebook account map".

3.Press "Import images from facebook", open which album you want to upload in, choose images, albums and press upload.

4. If you don't find your albums or you don't have created them yet, please go to Here you can create new album. After you do it, repeat all from step 2.