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Invitation to interview

Invitation to interview

Tattmight.com is fast growing tattoo pictures gallery. We did a lot of work in this year. Updated website look, created new function, made gallery more convenient and easier to navigate, so thats why now we have 30 000 visitors per month. We hope that this will not be the end.

What's next? We decided to create a column called "Tattoo artists". We prepared the list of questions here and we will be very happy if tattoo artists will answer a few questions about themselves. All theses interviews will be added to our website. This will be good advertisement for artists also. So I want to invite every tattoo artists to give us 5 minutes to fill this form.

So do not forget to this this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yDqrJSMMI5RjEBM2nxmVFML-xjZtBRaxl2du7wg9V0s/viewform

Also do not forget to share this form with your friends (other tattoo artists). :)

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