1337tattoos hey guys the next interview i_6_ink

1337tattoos hey guys the next interview i_6_ink

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Hey guys! The next interview I present to you is with the awesome lady tattooer Alex Strangler! You can check out the past interviews here.

At what age did you realize you were going to be an artist? Or that was just something that was always natural for you?I’ve always been a “drawer” but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be an artist, or that it will translate into tattooing. I didn’t really set out to be an “artist”. I’m a tattooer first, artist second, maybe…
How did your family deal with you pursuing this career?Both my parents hated tattoos, but now they don’t give a fuck…If you are doing what you love and are truly happy your parents will be happy for you, in most cases…Sometimes it might take them awhile to come around, but in the end my happiness is what’s important to them.
Your little sister is going to the art field as well. Do you see yourself like a role model? How do you feel about it?I have two younger sisters who are pursuing their artistic dreams… I’m no role model…But I support what they are doing and I am extremely proud of their talents.
You do mostly small designs. Is that something you rather like to do or would you like to work on big designs more often?I like lil’ “bangers” but I would say most of the work I do is on the medium size side of things…I will do larger tattoos, not like crazy back pieces, but it seems that most of my clients aren’t really looking for large scale work, so this kind of pushes my work in its current direction.
Is there any funny shop/design story you would like to share?So many shops, so many designs…It’s impossible to remember anything specific, I think you just have to be there…In that moment…Sometimes you just have to keep those memories for yourself; often people really “over-share” their lives…
You have a lot of your designs ripped off. How do you feel about it?What you need to remember is that this sort of thing has been going on in the tattoo world since before I was born and it will continue long after I’m gone… The only difference between then and now is that in the social media arena it’s easier to steal, and easier to catch people stealing…But it won’t stop people from doing it…Great artists borrow, shitty ones steal…I’ve definitely “borrowed” some designs, the difference is taking it and making it your own. If there is stolen design of mine out there tattooed on someone, (and there is) you can tell I didn’t do the tattoo. That’s w hat makes tattooing interesting…No one really tattoos exactly the same; it’s kind of like fingerprints…
You tattoo mostly things from cartoons and movies, but what are some of your personal favorites?They’re like children…I can’t choose between them, I might upset one of them…
If you had the chance to pick any artist to make a tattoo in collaboration with you, who would you choose?I’m not really into that tandem-tattooing thing…I guess I’m too much of a control nut…
What do you consider the most annoying thing people do at tattoo shops?People talking on their phones REALLY LOUD while getting tattooed; “YEAH-YEAH I’M GETTING TATTOOED RIGHT NOW, DOES THIS MAKE ME COOL, YEAH-YEAH IT REALLY HURTS BUT I’M COOL RIGHT…” Don’t do this, also don’t haggle about price, or assume you know more about tattooing because you watched INK MASTER last night…
How did you feel about tattooing Katy Perry? Did you freak out or was it just like any other client?I freaked out in the back while she waited but then it was fine when I tattooed her. I mean…I’m a professional, but hello IT’S KATY FUCKING PERRY! Pretty stoked about tattooing her, who knows maybe we’ll become friends and watch Netflix together on a lazy Sunday, I mean…She’s just a person like you and me…Kind of…HA!
Do you often have creative block? What do you do to overcome it?Yes. But it’s not really “creative” block, it’s more like “design” block. Like, “How can I do this in a way that makes it look cool…” I guess I just try to look at a bunch of reference to shake the screws loose, it also helps to have plan mapped out in your head and then try to execute that first.
Did you ever declined a tattoo design or placement?I refuse to tattoo men’s feet, because eww…
Thanks a lot Alex, this was such an amusing interview! Don’t miss a thing from Alex now, go follow her:facebook: alexstranglertattoos instagram: @alexstrangler​ tumblr: alexstrangler.tumblr.com website: alexstrangler.com

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