1337tattoos second part of the tattoo styles_2_ink

1337tattoos second part of the tattoo styles_2_ink

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Second part of the tattoo styles guide. Check out the first part here. 

CATEGORIESEtching: /tagged/etching Trash Polka: /tagged/splatter Cross-stitch: /tagged/sew Halftone: /tagged/dots Pixel: /tagged/pixel Sketch: /tagged/splatter Lace: /tagged/lace Negative space: tagged/blackw / tagged/dots Minimalist: tagged/line / tagged/outline Neo Tribal: tagged/blackw / tagged/line

• SOURCES http://blog.tattoodo.comhttp://www.rebelcircus.com/blog/trash-polka-tattoos http://thetotobox.com/blog/geometric-shapes-and-patterns-in-neo-tribal-tattoos
*please do not delete the captions, thank you! I hope you guys like it and if you think I left some style out let me know. 

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