Alberto Cu_7_tattoo_design

Alberto Cu_7_tattoo_design

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Alberto Cuadra

Graphic published on the Health & Science section describing the basics of tattooing as well as the latest trends in body art. Illustrator, Photoshop and illustrations done in pencil and ink. Online interactive:

Raul Nienow

Before you get a tattoo. Wanna get inked? Read this first, if it's your first #tattoo design #tattoo patterns|

Demetrius Reinger

tattoo placement #tattoo design #tattoo patterns|

Kaitlyn Kshlerin

Brilliant tattoo info for planning your #tattoo patterns #tattoo design|

Paula Sanford

Tattoo Idea! #tattoo #tattoo patterns #tattoo design|

Private Stash

Before you get a tattoo. Wanna get inked? Read this first, if it's your first tattoo. #ink #Tattoo #Art

Thinking about inking? Read this & get educated before hand (which means reading more than just this)!

wave tattoo. i just wanna be a beach

Star tattoos; I wanna do something like this above my bikini line

...omg I love this. My grandma used to draw this lady all the time for me when I was little!♥

tattoo something other than a heart

Flowers And Bee Tattoo Design for Women

I like this a lot

Beautiful Poppy Flower Front shoulder tattoo, Great color, Beautiful placement

Two rib, and a foot...I think I need to stay away from the 5 stars...lets do the thigh next hahaa this is funny:)

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