Amanda Ree_4_tattoo_design

Amanda Ree_4_tattoo_design

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Amanda Reed

Love this cross design!

Stacy Szymczak

pretty cross but would make it into a painting instead of a tattoo

Cassie Muniga

neck tattoo?

Jamie Gilbert-Chastain

pretty cross tattoo.

Natalie Hitchen

Feminine cross tattoo

Barack O

cross tattoos, crosses and tattoos. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

Steph M

Cross Wrist Tattoo

Karen McCollum

Cross tattoo idea (2)

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Female Warrior

• 5 weeks ago

Think I've just found the tattoo for me.

pretty cross

small flower tattoo - Google Search

My new cross tattoo on my wrist. Love it.

Wrist tattoo

For Grandma.. love

alice carrier tattoo beautiful flower on back shoulder | › Tattoo Designs / Ink-Works Gallery › Tattoo Designs / Ink Works / Body Arts Gallery

.. cute ..

important to remember

I really like the color choices and the fact that the 'flies aren't the same shapes.

Dilemma - mountains, forest, and ocean would all look like, but I only have 2 wrists

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