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Don’t be afraid to go back for a touch-up. | 21 Things To Know Before You Get A Tattoo

The only thing more permanent than a tattoo is where you come from

i love transition tats or things that look like other things!

gold tattoo.. If this is a real thing I must!

50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books. Because other things may fade, but your favorite literature is forever ♥

i need this tattoo. i always hold things in

the thing i like the most is the story behind this tattoo. it's sad, but beautiful.

A WATERCOLOR. PITTIE. TATTOO!!! 3 of my fav things in 1 tattoo piece!!! - 39 People With Watercolor Paintings Tattooed To Their Bodies

crazy little thing...

Infinity tattoo with faith. Love it. the only thing i would ever get

Some heavily-tattooed people will judge you if you only have a couple tiny tattoos. | 22 Things Only Women With Tattoos Will Understand

21 Tattoos All Disney Fans Will Fall Absolutely In Love With
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