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28 Classy Cat Tattoos Every Cat Lover Will Adore

28 Classy Cat Tattoos Every Cat Lover Will Adore#.qablKYRJK#.qablKYRJK

Show off your love for kitties with this adorable cat lady (temporary) tattoo. #etsy

Shana Wood I know what you're getting for your biiiiirthdaaaaay! temporary tattoos - set of three fake cat tatts - 7designs to choose from - realistic tattoos - mix and match - cattoos. £5.50, via Etsy.

I really like this!! building up the courage!! Watercolor cat tattoo. LOVED IT!! omg love love love

The Top Tattoo Designs Of 2013 According To Pinterest

This amazingly fierce cat. | 27 Classy Cat Tattoos Every Cat-Lover Will Adore

cute tattoos

Tiny, Tiny Kitties | 38 Weird Or Wonderful Cat Tatts

simple cat tattoo - Google Search

“Even after you ruined me for any other, I cannot regret you. Even as I cleave the flesh of wanting from the bone, I hope the night sky is pretty wherever you are.” —  Sincerely, Joanna, “Unrequited"

Are you kidding me with the Black Flag reference?? AMAZEBALLS. Whoever thought of that is a genius.

so cute
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