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Christopher Costa

iNKed MuscLE!

J de Asturias

§ Body Ink

AJ Rodrigues

Good god save me. This man is giving me life and making me wet ;)

Dela Cruize


#tattoo #ink

Romeo romeo where for art thou Romeo! Faaakkkkk need him in Baton Rouge STAT!

love the placement. my next one will be there... but have to find the right delicate design...

Thinking about inking? Read this & get educated before hand (which means reading more than just this)!

When you see his tattoo you'll understand why this is an amazing photo. And yes, I would cover my face too. :-/

* been thinking skullheadmoth on my chest but this gets me expanding my vision The "canvas" ain't too shabby neither mm

Put that on everything!! Alex Minsky is the sexiest man alive

I would never do this but pinned it cause I think it's wicked cool (jh)

Leer hier gitaar spelen druk op deze link: makkelijkegitaarl...

#ink #tattoo #color

#ink #tattoo

Beards. Men. Ink.
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