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David Kant_10_ink_men

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David Kantner

• 11 weeks ago

Man i'd love something like this if I was a guy




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Tattoos For Guys

Love this for a guy!

Wolf Tattoos - Probably Best Fitted For A Guy . Looks Manly But Detailed & Artistic

Full Tribal Sleeve / Free Tribal Tattoo Designs / Free Tattoo Designs ...

Cool tattoo for guys

I'm not a "girls with tattoo's" guy, but if I was, I'd like these.

very realistic looking tattoo of an old man (maybe Gandolf) smoking a pipe tattooed on this guy's entire back. Very very cool

I love the full-sleeve + one pec tattoos, especially if the guy is dedicated enough to build the muscles to match. These really balance well on a body and have a stunning effect, especially if the guy man-scapes.

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