Dennis de _2_tattoo_design

Dennis de _2_tattoo_design

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Dennis de Klein

Body Art | Tattoo | 刺青 | Tatouage | Tatuaggio | татуировка | Tatuaje | elbow ink

Gerrard Lowe

Like the placement, inside the elbow. #tattoo #ink

Erik Cruz

Tattoo Ideas

Jᑌᔕᔕ ᗩ'GIᖇL ♈'s|̊\̲̳Λ̲̳̊/̲̳|̊

floral tattoo ink ٠•●༒(([email protected]))༒●•٠

Isabel Abbott

Don't make plans. flower tattoo. inside arm tattoo placement.

~ yeahthatjess ~

Mandala tattoo tattooed tattoos ink beautiful inner arm tattoo

it's kind of awkward but I think that makes me like it

tomasi suluape.23 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Such delicate feather tattoos.

love the placement. my next one will be there... but have to find the right delicate design...

Floral tattoo as an accessory - really delicate and beautiful.

Buddhist style lotus inspired tattoo on a back - #design

I was thinking of doing a foot tattoo with my favorite flower and sent which is a sweet pea. Not this big though.

I believe this is Amanda Wachob, or that other girl that has an Amanda wachob magnolia tatoo...

My rising sign: sagittarius #tattoo (would love to try to find a virgo for my sun & aries moon in this style as well)

Not quite sure what kind of animal it is, could be a fox or a wolf but it sure is a nice tattoo.

delicate floral tattoo by ForgetAboutMe

Small delicate tattoos, they can stay a all life without regrets ♥
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