Emma Flisp_3_tattoos

Emma Flisp_3_tattoos

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Emma Flispart

glyphs... meanings of symbols. would be great for a tattoo

Barack O

glyph tattoo, finger tattoos and glyphs. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

Ashlea McCurdy

Great small tattoo ideas. I love the faith, harmony, and creative symbols!

Gigi Duarte

Glyphs Symbols - Tattoos Ideas

Natasha Sedillo


Jenna Eiker

Symbols. Good tiny tattoo ideas #tattoo #ink

Glyphs | 19 Tattoos That Literally Everyone Got In 2014

Glyphs *side note- this is so crazy that I found this because I got the Pagan symbol for Air as my wedding ring on my right hand when I married myself 7.17.14. The closest glyph it would be like would be: Explore*

Glyphs - Some of these would make great tattoos


small geometric tattoo meanings - Google Search

geometric tattoo inspiration and meanings

For the rebranding of digital agency Manifest, Eight Hour Day [...] developed an impressive 40-character glyph language

I love these. I don't usually flock to this sort of stuff for a tattoo, but I really like some of these.

Tattoo Design Inspiration

What's Your Glyph? by Saxon Campbell, via Behance

Moon Glyphs

Mingo Lamberti by MUTI , via Behance
Source URL: https://www.project-tabernacle-integration.com/articles/21-what-a-difference-a-year-makes-in-myanmar-20-images

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