Emma Flisp_4_tattoos

Emma Flisp_4_tattoos

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Emma Flispart

glyphs... meanings of symbols. would be great for a tattoo

Barack O

glyph tattoo, finger tattoos and glyphs. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

Ashlea McCurdy

Great small tattoo ideas. I love the faith, harmony, and creative symbols!

Gigi Duarte

Glyphs Symbols - Tattoos Ideas

Natasha Sedillo


Jenna Eiker

Symbols. Good tiny tattoo ideas #tattoo #ink

Breast cancer,aTINY reminder of a BIG fight ... next girls weekend this just might be perfect for Mom ,Toni & I ... in celebration of Toni being cancer free love you Sis ♥


If I ever got a tattoo, this is what I would want it to be! Something simple, tiny and easy to cover up

Like a lot of the placements...gives good ides for cute and tiny tattoos


Amazing Small Tattoos

This made me think of Darby Simpson

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