Eric Rafst_7_tattoo_design

Eric Rafst_7_tattoo_design

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Eric Rafstedt

• 9 weeks ago

20 Crowns - Custom Shapes THOUGHT THIS WAS COOL

custom crown tattoo...would be cute with the right quote

custom calligraphy. Tattoo?? Love this lettering,

Pretty Music and Heart Shape Tattoo

faith hope love in the shape of an anchor! Do you see it? Oh love it!

I like this image because it shows lots of different shapes of a diamond which could help me on deciding what shape the jewelry box could be.

has been my #1 "if I ever get a tattoo" ever since I travelled to Morocco when I was 20

Not that I would get a tattoo, but this illustrates the beauty of the rose's natural form and shape

For lucy. Yes I know I'm doing number 20, but there is some good info here.

20 Meaningful Tattoo Quotes and Sayings

30 Collar Bone Tattoos Idea for Women and Girls (20)

Silverfilled SISTER BRACELET in Morse Code by DashDotDashDot, $20.00

20 Awesome Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos - BuzzFeed Mobile
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