Heather Le_1_tattoo_design

Heather Le_1_tattoo_design

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Heather Leacy

DIY Temporary Body Tattoo. Ttracing paper, a gel pen, an old cloth and water. For theme park temp tattoos on kids?

Kathryn Arabian

a fake tattoo

Angelina D

DIY Temporary Tattoo For kids #DIY #Tattoo #Kids

Marilyn MarLey*

DIY Temporary tattoo... for my kids, one day lol or js testing if I like a tattoo on me

Shirley Jones

DIY Temporary TATTOO - fun for summer, kids parties, Halloween, etc! | DIY Crafts Tutorials

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• 7 weeks ago

It's just a sheet of paper ? :)

How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo | DIY Crafts Tutorials use your contact details instead!

Make your own Temporary Tattoos. OMG. Very handy to do to their child before going anywhere (amusement park, zoo, etc). I am doing this to freak my mom out though. Can't wait. ;) She loathes tattoos. I love them but only have 2. I am doing the neck or the face. Pinterest, you have NEVER helped me plan a prank. You NEVER disappoint.

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