Joanna Mat_10_tattoos

Joanna Mat_10_tattoos

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Joanna Matei

Semi colon tattoo

Heidi Reeder

You could have stopped, but you chose to go on. This is an awesome depression tattoo

Jessie Catchpole

You could have stopped, but you chose to go on. Self Harm Tattoo

Izzie Compton

Small finger tattoo

Alyssa Andrews

Semicolon tattoo

Erin Johnson- Morlang

small tattoo - great meaning - You could have stopped, but you chose to go on. I love it

Semi colon and a heart.. I will have this!! Suicide awareness❤

10 simply beautiful geometric tattoos

Finger tattoo .

Watercolor Semicolon - Cute Semicolon Tattoo Design Ideas,,

This is an hamsa tattoo. Represents keeping your head up through tough times. Things happen, life goes on, no reason to be miserable and unhappy all the time. Someone people could learn so much about letting things go and looking at the positive every once in a while.

finger hug tattoo :)

As long as I ony had two kids I would get this as a tattoo with their fingerprints and never your husbands as mean as that sounds bc it's the same as getting a guys name, if you break up it's always there reminding you of what you had.

Things People Need to Know about Tattoo's

love where this sleeve stops.

Arm Band tattoo. Orange one for self harm awareness, a green one for depression, and a purple one for suicide prevention.

Choose your artist *very* carefully. Choose an image that has personal meaning to you. Look at pain charts and pick the location carefully. Keep in mind that there's some very good tattoo coverup makeup these days. I personally have a couple that have to be covered because I wish I would've been more careful of my artist! They are either blown way out & scared or just poorly given. Do research!

LOVE! I want a map and compass so bad. This would be a cool way to do it.
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