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Julie Balk_10_ink_men

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Julie Balkin

• 10 weeks ago

I always find people with a lot of tattoos interesting. I just want to study them.


₪ The Tattoo Touch ₪ sleeves

One of the lovely ladies I work with sent gave me this quote in a frame! Really beautiful!

spray paint tattoo...interesting idea


Tattooed men are more interesting to look at when they're naked!

watercolor tattoos I have been seeing. Lot of water color tattoos lately and love how they look. I love not Having the harsh black out line.

"C" initial tattoo with small heart on wrist - I really want a tattoo for Craig but have yet to find one - this is an idea

Kicking Allen McKinney ass all over the place....this is the "New" Most Interesting Man in the World

Watercolour tattoo- an interesting place to have it...not sure on placement but a lovely watercolour.


find this man. bring him to me. and ill give you 1 million bagillion dollars mwahhaahah. #inked men
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