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Kim Lawson

If You See Someone With A Semicolon Tattoo, This Is What It Is About. Wow. I love this. Very moving.

Semicolon tattoo idea :) Without the birds, but I love the watercolor!

Watercolor Semicolon - Cute Semicolon Tattoo Design Ideas,,

Semicolon tattoo idea

Semicolon on Finger - Cute Semicolon Tattoo Design Ideas,,

Semicolon and Cross on Fingers - Cute Semicolon Tattoo Design Ideas,,

Semicolon Tattoos | Semicolon Project - Inked Magasine

semicolon tattoo - Google Search

You Need to Know What the Semicolon Tattoo Really Stands For

I totally had this idea awhile back, semi colon and all! So cool someone did it. Now I'm thinking with the semi colon.. Jeremiah 29:11 ; Philippians 4:13


This is the main tattoo I want! I absolutly love how it has the semicolon in it!

semicolon tattoo color - Google Search
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