Laarni Mae_8_tattoos

Laarni Mae_8_tattoos

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Laarni Mae

• 25 weeks ago


tattoo/ink/ink design


. #Tattoos found here; fflower-child.tum...

The "filled in" wings. I like ho this tattoo flows with the body and goes down the butt and hip. Maria Anohina by Alisa Verner

Freedom Tattoo. Love the design. If I didn't have an aversion to fairy tattoos I would definitely get it

" Always on my mind, forever in my heart ". Love this idea for my next tattoo, maybe down my side

infinity tattoo | Tumblr

Phoenix/peacock/swan Tattoo by starofdust_24, via Flickr

I had this!!! The Snug | 28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer

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