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Loreen Sch_4_ink_men

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Loreen Schalmann

• 37 weeks ago

Another pinned wrote:"He could be my bartender/boyfriend anytime." Bartenders and boyfriends are equivalent? Haha

Another beard and tattoo...

Boo cigarette! Yay beard!


Would you let this man pick your perfume? Ben Gorham of Byredo tells us how to pick a summer fragrance

Ricki Hall for Sons Of Heroes Spring Summer 2013. Oh my! The beard! The tattoos! The shirt! Wrap him up! I'll take two!!!

I want to have a picture like this in the future. bearded and tattooed husband, & tiny baby girl. ♥ #beards #fathersday

A bit out of the standard, but edgy is great!



love that belt

Beard love

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