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Lori Dalessio

My new tattoo #lotus #tattoo #thigh #flower

Lotus tat on the back. I'm not the biggest Lotus tattoo fan, but this was just nicely done

.A lotus, whose roots are deep in the ground must rise above the surface to reach the sun..., build strong roots and then root down to rise up...

Keep going don't stop, Struggle Quotes

The flower starts as a very tiny flower in the muck and mud of a pond. Then it grows continuously towards the light to the ponds surface. After the flower gets to the surface of the pond it starts to blossom turning into an exquisite and beautiful flower.

If I have enough money after my first two tattoos I would loveeee to get a lotus flower on my back

lotus mandala tattoo- spirit, balance, eternity, spring, rebirth, creation and blossoming

yes yes YES #mandala #lotus #tattoo

The only tattoo I want is of a lotus flower like this one. The meaning behind them is a constant reminder to keep on keepin' on.

tattoo idea! front two petals shaped as a heart could be my sisters thumb prints!

This would be an awesome piece to cover up an old tattoo and then add to over time.

Lotus tattoo idea. This gave me massive inspiration for what I want - I've been stressing over it for weeks, and now I know EXACTLY how I want my tat to look and it will include EVERYTHING I've been considering! So excited!
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