Lucy Hanco_9_henna_tattoo

Lucy Hanco_9_henna_tattoo

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Lucy Hancock

Simple and easy henna tattoo design


Simple henna design

Lisa DiBona

Simple henna flower

Maple Mehndi.... So talented

Henna flower

Swirl henna with drippy bits

i need to do this with my henna. so cool.

simple mendhi! love! Love the wrist piece

Palm Stain, good color. by B.Bubble, via Flickr

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Such precision! Henna by Heartfire Henna I'd like to learn how to get this paste and cone combination...

henna - I think Henna style would make a great real tattoo maybe with amd elephant

Mehndi aka Henna, wow on the back, that's different... could be hot on your wedding night (Indo-Pak brides)

Very cool henna, wonder if you could do something like this around the shoulder blades.

Henna- I miss doing this. I may have to go get some henna.
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