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Marion Bernard

• 4 weeks ago

This is one of our favorites. It says so much with just a small amount of ink. It suggests that the owner is a woman who appreciates travel and other cultures, and the placement on her foot implies she plans to trek around the world. Tiny but to the point. Beautiful.

This hometown tribute: | 17 Tiny Travel Tattoos For Your Next Big Adventure

I like the idea. No matter what point you are in your life, you've still got miles to go, and you're never finished.

46 Perfectly Lovely Travel Tattoos - I would want two constellations on my back: one of the Southern Cross for Chile, my country of birth, and one of the Big Dipper for the U.S., the country I now call home.

46 Perfectly Lovely Travel Tattoos - BuzzFeed Mobile

Traveling has been a big part of my life. Moving as a kid, vacationing as an adult. What can I say? I'm a true Sagittarius. I'd love to get a little travel tattoo someday

What about some travel inspired temporary tattoos?

Perfectly Lovely Travel Tattoo

Love this!


46 Perfectly Lovely Travel Tattoos - great tat for the thigh!

World, If I am able to travel as much as I'm wanting to then I'd love to get this somewhere and put red dots at all the places I've travelled to. To mark my travels.

I've always wanted to do the outline of the world map or a paper plane. Love it. Also: which was put on a travel satellite sent to space 46 Perfectly Lovely Travel Tattoos >>> Love these!
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