Mina Bugic_0_henna_tattoo

Mina Bugic_0_henna_tattoo

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Mina Bugic

henna hand tattoo

Chelsea Anderson

Wrist & hand Henna tattoo

jewelry fashion hippie style hipster boho indie urban bohemian henna rings flower child henna tattoo henna design

Freja's Tattoo "Serendipity Is Me" by j'adoreFASHION, via Flickr

i just love the color of her hands..

Nalini's Karva Chauth henna 2012 © NJ's Unique Henna Art Bridal henna mehndi. NJ's Unique Henna Art © All rights reserved. Henna by Nadra Jiffry. Based in Toronto, Canada. Specializing in Bridal henna and henna crafts. This is my work and my photos only. http://www.nj-uniquehenn...


THIS IS PERFECT! Definitely something I'm going to get next time I get henna. v2 by Henna Junkie ~Aunthenna~, via Flickr

I think I'd really like a scarification version of something very similar to this... Stained with some brownish, reddish ink?

Photo and henna design by B.Bubble

awesome layout!! Henna bridal feet Check out more desings at: http://www.mehndiequalsh...

amazing skirt and shoes

Such precision! Henna by Heartfire Henna I'd like to learn how to get this paste and cone combination...

Nice Mehendi design! #JADEbyMK #heenatatoo #indianwedding
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