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Mitchell Cummings

• 33 weeks ago

You have to focus to really take it all in, but I've never seen better artistry. The detail in the statues and the eye make them look so real.

Japanese tattoo love the detail on the flowers


I've wondered before how an eye could be pulled off for a tattoo...I think this one's great.

. #Tattoos found here; fflower-child.tum...

I would never do this but it looks amazing


I've always wanted a tattoo like this. He's cute and it incorporates my love of plants as well.

I've been thinking about getting a peacock tattoo, this is beautiful but I dont have room for the whole bird, just a feather

this is by far the most amazing tattoo I have ever seen. I LOVE it. ♥

Mermaid tattoo, i like this one better! ~ Obsessed with mermaid scale tattoos. Ugh, I want one on my upper thigh just saying
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