Puttichai _1_ink_men

Puttichai _1_ink_men

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Puttichai Tungtong

Kind of hot

Swati Singhee

Beautifully inked.

Garoto Rabiscado

;) Go to instagram => @GarotoRabiscado tattoo; tatuagem; inked; tatuagem masculina; man; garoto rabiscado; sexy; model; body; boy; ink; style; tattoo idea;

Min Giro

#Man #body #tattoo #ink #male #muscles.

gimme one of these and i'm set for life ♥ See More : luxurystyle.biz/...

He seems to take a “less is more” approach to his work. | Dr. Woo May Be The Coolest Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

yeah, there are flowers in his sleeve. not that you're looking.

To think of the hours needed to complete this tattoo and the patience of both artist and canvas. It is amazing pattern tattoo though.



Blue watercolor tattoo

"lace tattoo sleeve" - very nice, ends with a splash of color; now let the rainbow creep back up in subtle accents. ~:^)>

love the retro bluebirds

This is my next tattoo!! For sure!!
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