Sabine Yaz_5_tattoo_design

Sabine Yaz_5_tattoo_design

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Sabine Yazbeck

• 25 weeks ago

symbol of detachment from worldly desires and illusions symbolizes purity and life ever renewed and revitalized when it peeks out of the muddy waters every morning It holds great importance in the East and is considered among the most sacred and beautiful flower. Read more at Buzzle:

My lotus flower tattoo. Mandala style

Lotus+Flower+Drawings+For+Tattoos | lotus river by ~Gsaw on deviantART

why i want a lotus tattoo

lotus flower

#Lotus #flower #tattoo


Lotus Flower Tattoo

#lotus #tattoo

This is why I want a lotus tattoo

the lotus flower

Love the design, the placement, and the meaning of a lotus.

Lotus Tattoo
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