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Sara Clifford

• 2 days ago

It’s a pretty well known fact that tattoos are going to hurt, and for the most part, there’s no way to eliminate all of the pain, but there are a few key things you can do to ensure that your tatto...

Tattoo Placement Pain Scale. Hahahah! I like the part at the bottom. My wrist hurt really bad but it was small :-)

Tattoo pain zones: ON A PAIN SCALE OF 1 - 4 (Blue being the easiest and Red the hardest)

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SO pretty!

small, pretty tattoos

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This is beautiful. A semicolon over self harm scars to represent that your life could've ended but you kept going.

80 Impossibly Pretty And Understated Tattoos Every Girl Will Fall In Love With


"Is it going to hurt?" | 10 Annoying Things People Say And Do In Tattoo Shops.
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