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Gold henna

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Nuriyah O. Martinez

• 1 day ago

Niqab is a covering of the face made of fabrics. There is a similar form which is called Burqa, which is the Khaleeji Burqa and is actually a covering of the face aswell, also made of a fabric: you can read more about that type of covering on It's different than the Afghan burqa, which is the mostly blue (but also other colors like black and white) cloaks covering literally everything of a woman's body, including the whole face.

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Nuriyah O. Martinez

• 1 day ago

As for the record, not all and certainly not just Christians mix up the two. Apparently Muslims do too. Someone's religion doesn't have anything to do with mixing up different names to different types of coverings. In the UAE and Saudi Arabia a Burqa is a sort of Niqab, whereas in Afghanistan it's a cloak covering up a whole woman's body. It's normal people get confused.

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Christina Bennett

• 22 hours ago


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Sara S

• 16 hours ago

I understand UAE and Saudi Arabian Muslims create their own new meanings separate from other Muslims, though they're a minority Muslim group. All other Muslims call the covering of face except eyes "nichab/nikab". Burka/burqa is the covering of eyes too regardless of colour. So, face covered except eyes= nichab/niqab. Face covered including eyes=burka.

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Nuriyah O. Martinez

• 14 hours ago

Sara darling, you need to stop including someone's religion - it doesn't have to do anything with the names. It's cultural rather than religious. There's a huge difference sister. Please do not include me with "all other Muslims" for as I'm neither Khaleejia nor calling a face covering merely as "niqab", but rather calling it by its name that's given for that specific type. :)

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Keep it simple for Engagement mehndi - wish I'd seen this pin in December!

Henna design pinned via @Sahrazade. I usually dont like henna, but this one is honestly cute.

Beautiful henna tattoo

Henna strip, simplicity is just as beautiful!

Anyone know who's work this is? This isn't zentangle these are traditional henna fills

Very cool henna, wonder if you could do something like this around the shoulder blades.

If I could tweak this into a wrist bracelet/lace it would be perfect

Simple paisley wrist by Meghan's Mehndi, via Flickr

Henna , حنه ، نقش حنه

. #Tattoos found here; fflower-child.tum...

Would love to have someone to do henna professionally at a bridal/ bachelorette party Check out more desings at: http://www.mehndiequalsh...

Photo and henna design by B.Bubble
Source URL:

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