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Levi Stocke is a gorgeous male! Hot, hot, hot! Sexy as hell with tattoo sleeves, beard, and hair. (sexy men, beards, bearded men, men's hair, men's style, tattoos, ink, hot men, eye-candy).

Erin Pope

hair, tattoos, beard, style

Dru Shields

My greatest weakness is a hot, bearded, tattooed man...

Barbara Kontos

beard and mustache beards bearded man men tattoos tattooed inked up #keepitgrowing @amandagill08

Photos via: Kasteel Agent | 100 Beards | Bullett | Republic Men I am a sucker for a guy with a beard,...

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Le Fashion Blog 11 Stylish Hot Guys With Beards Ben Dahlhaus Esra Sam 11 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-11-Stylish-Hot-Guys-With-Beards-Ben-Dahlhaus-... Beard beards beardy bearded борода бороды бородатый бородач Beardsandchicks

Beards. Men.

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Hot bearded man with gorgeous tattoos.

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don't know what's better - arms or the beard.

Pinning this in my wedding board because I'm pretty sure this is my future husband..... Sigh. Beards.

I actually find long-ish hair like this super attractive on the right person as long as they take care of it the way they should!
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