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This is so pretty!! #stringart

Kellie Walsh

DIY string art


Be Free Danelion String Art @Lisa Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Wagar

Shelia Zavalanski

If I had more time.... Dandelion String heart

Kayla Uthe

Cute string art ideas

Amie Cai

Be Free Dandelion String Art!

How fun would it be to have a class work together on a piece of string art as part of a geography unit?

White Tailed Deer Silhouette Modern String Art Tablet by NineRed, $38.00

Mixed Media Nail Art Mustache

Modern String Art Wooden Tablet Otis the Owl by NineRed on Etsy, $46.00

Make a Wish: Dandelion String Art by NailedAndHammered

Modern String Art Wooden Tablet - Set of 2 - Yellow Circular Geometric on Distressed Grey, Made to Order. Love this so much.

Modern String Art Wooden Tablet Giraffe by NineRed on Etsy, $32.00 Abe

This would be so cool to do for South Carolina with Clemson! // Reclaimed Wood Nail and String Tribute....

Customize your own arrow string art on a 7x9 solid wood board.

treble clef string art, would also like to do a literary themed one.

Modern String Art. Could do other animals, colors, etc.

My states would be boring, but a different shape?
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