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Ulrika Nor_3_tattoos

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Ulrika Norberg

• 2 days ago

i like how this one is done. I want akuas paw print

Cat Paws Tattoo Design --I think I want this, but in purple!

Love the little paw prints!

Paw Print Heart Tattoo | Paw Print Tattoos Designs, Ideas and Meaning

tattoo - one paw for each dog I've ever had... But one the bottom of my foot so they continue to leave paw prints on the earth

So cute! I wonder how much it hurts. I also wonder how I'd use headphones with this thing..

Paw print tattoo! This is the tattoo that I want in the future

Her dog’s actual paw print

Paw prints. Normally I dont like shoulder tats but this is cute

One pinner stated: Love my new tattoo! Infinity paw print heart for my love of animals!

Paw print piercing...super cute! LOVE IT...except for the pain that must come with this type of piercing, even if only for a short time. :)


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