Violet Men_9_tattoo_design

Violet Men_9_tattoo_design

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Violet Mention774

dont forget to love yourself #female #tattoo

Sharlene Kearns - Heunis

shoulder tattoo placement

Barack O

tattoos, fonts and dont forget. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

Orrin Volkman

don't forget to love yourself #female #tattoo patterns #tattoo design

Khristine Francis Poehler

tattoo word tattoo small tattoo shoulder tattoo ideas text back tattoo

Ally Marsteller

i want a tattoo there so bad

Top 10 Best Small Tattoo Designs

Breast cancer,aTINY reminder of a BIG fight ... next girls weekend this just might be perfect for Mom ,Toni & I ... in celebration of Toni being cancer free love you Sis ♥

I cannot wait to get a tattoo! Deff will have one on my ribcage!

Small tattoo place­ment ideas -- i do want a few small ones so this is helpful- finallyyyy

I'm on the fence about getting a tattoo. If I do, it would probably be Chinese calligraphy. Perhaps the symbol for "joy" or "truth" - maybe "fortunate" to remind me to be grateful for all the good that has happened to me.

Top 10 Ear Tattoo Designs : Here are top 10 ear tattoo designs that can be worn inside or behind the ear. Have a look

small tattoo designs (10) Mother-daughter tattoos! That would be cute!!

i love how small this tattoo is and the words
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