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Yami Janna_1_tattoos

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Yami Janna

• 6 days ago

(JG) to correspond with stage four of the Great Round of Mandala : Embracing the New inkedpaper: Waxing Crescent Moon II (Moon Series)— © X. S. 12.05.12 via Tumblr

Would be cute for henna

I really love this because I'm a cancer and my planet is the moon and my element is water. I have been looking for a good moon one and I think I just found it. ♥

cat tattoo



watercolor style

that's awesome

Tattoo Idea!


Just the moon and the color of it

Symbol for "new beginnings"
Source URL: http://ilooksoodamngoodwithout-you.tumblr.com/post/41760359615/inkedpaper-waxing-crescent-moon-ii-moon

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