by wicky nicky done at west 4 tattoo manhattan_1_ink

by wicky nicky done at west 4 tattoo manhattan_1_ink

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By Wicky Nicky, done at West 4 Tattoo, Manhattan.

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    Hunger in America

    One study conducted by Cornell University in 1998 documented the long-term effects of hunger on the health of African American mothers. Researchers studied 712 Black mother-child pairs and found that in addition to increased deaths among pregnant mothers, the children of hungry mothers were at greater risk for developmental problems. This correlation between the amount of hunger experienced by a mother and her children persists through the life course. It is the outcome of decades of social inequities that have led to a crisis in the food supply of our nation. Black children in the United States today are two to three times more likely to live in poverty than white children. They are significantly less likely to be on free or reduced lunch or free or reduced school lunch, more likely to live

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