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Lotus Moon by MorgansCanvas on Etsy

Sun and Moon Print by MorgansCanvas on Etsy

Sun and Moon Print by MorgansCanvas on Etsy

Galaxy Rose Moon Print by MorgansCanvas on Etsy

That's a talent!! The artist is Nick Chaboya, currently at Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco.

Sun and Moon Print by MorgansCanvas on Etsy, $10.00 I want the sun/moon tattoo in white on my shoulder

maybe a great " just let it go " tattoo. Bunny representing imperfect childhood and elephant representing sad memories. Really speaks to me.

:) giraffe. I like this design also! of course if i get it as a tattoo, it wouldn't be in color. lol well maybe if I got it on the bottom of my foot!

Lion of a different color by LucasPorettiArt on Etsy

Actually gonna get my daughter to write Love (she has a really cool way of writing it) and then get all the girls to write their names and then I'm getting it tattooed somewhere. Gonna be a pretty bad booty tat. Totally custom. :::)

Awesome for a tattoo SeaHorse Zentangle Design by TelferZentangle on Etsy


CUSTOM LISTING - the lovely DEER print. via Etsy. This would be a killer tattoo..I wish I may..
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