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katelyn re_5_tattoos

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katelyn regan

• 40 weeks ago

Love this. Would take out the ribbons, and ballet shoes.

very pretty

Tattoo Idea!

so pretty!

Seahorse- tattoo idea (I would make it so very colorful)


Floral tattoo sleeves #flowers #pretty

new tat idea

pretty piercings.

Tattoo Idea!

cute idea

I love this tattoo idea and just the reason this girl got this tattoo. (Her story as you probably guessed is right after the slashes) //this is my second tattoo and I couldn't be happier with it. I was diagnosed with a heart condition over the summer where my heart no longer beats right. I got my heartbeat line tattooed on me because as long as I have a heartbeat, I am living. #Good tattoos for you.#Love it!#

. Means "New Beginnings." So pretty!! Wrist tatoo?
Source URL: http://sweetdreamsdarling.tumblr.com/post/25671989108/chanel-whore-i-kinda-really-like-this-for-a

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