still in the subject of ripped off designs i_5_ink

still in the subject of ripped off designs i_5_ink

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still in the subject of ripped off designs, I would like to show this example. the left tattoo was previously posted here, and the right one is the original design, both artists are brazilians. on the instagram post, the original artist says he doesn’t care about “copies”, and that he’s aware at the moment he posts it online, he loses the rights on it and that’s a matter of common sense to give credits on the ripped off design to the original artist. but what we see here it’s not a ripped off design, the artist simply used the original design as reference to create something new and different. he continues to congratulate the other artist for creating something out of his design that’s more beautiful and delicate, instead of copying it. so, before getting something on your skin forever you need to ask yourself: do you really want a ripped off design, a stolen design, or do you want something original, that’s custom made for you, that’s really worth your money and values an artist’s creativity? check out both artists’ work: 

kadutattoo & 


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