Put in the Bixby except for the rearview mirror.Samsung Unveils 'Digital Instrument Panel'

2019-01-08 22:15:58
"Digital Cockpit 2019," a digital vehicle instrument developed jointly by Samsung Electronics (005930) with its subsidiary Harman, was introduced at CES.

At 'CES 2019', which is the world's largest consumer electronics and IT exhibition held in Las Vegas on the 8th (local time), Samsung Electronics introduced its digital cockpit 2019 with its AI platform 'New Bixby' that greatly strengthens connectivity between devices inside and outside of vehicles. Harman is a company that specializes in electric fields that Samsung Electronics acquired in March of 2017.

Digital cockpit is a digital dashboard for vehicles. It is a device that is composed of a digital electronic device that controls vehicle convenience functions in front of a driver's seat, which is composed of an analog instrument and others.

The new digital cockpit 2019 combines Samsung Electronics' IT technology and Harman's electric field technology to enhance user experience and convenience compared to 'Digital Cockpit 2018',<a href="https://betsarang.com">토토사이트</a>; which was first introduced last year.

It is composed of six displays, including four driver and four passenger seats and two rear seats, and provides an environment that is optimized for individuals and an infotainment system. The driver's screen is equipped with a 12.3 type OLED display and shows information such as speedometer, gas display, navigation, and music at the same time. High-definition movies and videos can be seen through passenger and back seat screens that have 12.3 QLED displays and 12.4 OLED displays respectively.

Samsung Electronics has applied 'mirror replacement vision system' that shows images of side-facing rear of a vehicle by installing two displays on each side of the front seat of a vehicle instead of the current side-view mirror.

In addition, connectivity between devices inside and outside of vehicles has been greatly strengthened as 'New Bixby' and 'SmartThings' are installed on the digital cockpit 2019 that is operated based on Android platform for vehicles.

Inside the house, one can find out about the state of gas and temperature of a car and easily control IoT devices such as home appliances and lighting through Smart Things application.

In addition, Samsung Electronics is able to help drivers drive safely in various situations while driving through forward looking cameras and driver monitoring system that are applied with recognition algorithm for front traffic obstacles.

The forward-facing camera for vehicles recognizes nearby vehicles, pedestrians, lanes, and traffic signs while driving, and provides a warning signal to the driver in the event of a collision risk of a frontal object or in the event of an unintentional departure.

The driver monitoring system increases safety by sending a warning to the driver in the event of careless actions such as drowsy driving or sending a text message.