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Diana Maritere

• 1 year ago

.. UH.. This is the first time I've ever liked a V-Neck t-shirt... james edward quaintance III

James Edward Quaintance

Glorious Bastards Papercut Magazine 8 Owl Neck Tattoo

Elvis Presley. S)

neck hands tattoo

Rudolph Valentino.

matthew staton bomer

Christopher Walken by Marco Grobb

nick jonas he isn't little anymore. Oh hot damn.

I've never seen berries within flowers and vines just like I want. Thought it was an original idea.

Neck tattoo and perfect.

♥ James Edward Quaintance ♥ Pro Skateboarder, Actor, Tattooist, and Male Model. All around Retro Handsome Dude. This is manly Perfection
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